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Love Is Color CoverLove is Color Anthology is my first crack at curating an anthology. Love is Color is a collection of sensual poetry, short stories and visual art that depicts love in its rawest form. The stories are a gathering of diverse authors from different genres coming together to create a work of art. Whether you like second chance romance, fire-breathing dragons, interracial love, or a little bit of mystery. This book has something for you. Come see why Love is lived in Color and not in Black and White!

Love is Color is dedicated to sisterhood! There is a freedom that comes with supporting one another and fostering each other’s dreams. As the saying goes, “You can tell who the strong women are – They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down.” – Unknown


Lovestruck CoverLovestruck is a collection of fun, sweet, and sexy short stories that will warm your heart and bed. From love striking at the most unexpected place and time, to steamy relationships that become something deeper, this anthology has more than enough romance to go around. One thing’s for sure: when love strikes, there’s no stopping it.

Lovestruck is dedicated to women all over the world who are fighting for rights and equality. The proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.



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My latest novel, Hall Pass in now available! It is book 1 in my Walk of Fame series, a collection of stand alone stories about Hollywood’s rich and famous stars.

What would you do if you were given a Pass to sleep with Hollywood’s sexiest actor?



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Christmas Kisses Anthology

A collection of sexy, short and sweet stories for the holidays. Our stories are written by women, for women whose lives have been impacted upon by slavery and trafficking. All profits will go to the Dressember charity campaign. This Christmas give the gift of hope and empowerment.


Books and Brain

SOUL Literary Magazine curated by Candis Johnson features new voices as well as new visuals artist. Modeled after Fire, the literary magazine from the Harlem Renaissance. It is sure to please. As always, read share and be inspired!

ISSUE 4 : In this collection I have written a sexy short story called Books and Brain. It’s about a sexual encounter in the library between two college athletes.


Egyptian Nights is a sexy tale about a young lady looking for love, but hiding behind sex. It is the first of three standalone novels in the Triple Threat Series; a collection of contemporary adult fairy tales featuring triplets.

35293312Book 1 features Egypt Wilson, an Executive Chef who just loves turning up the heat in the bedroom with any guy she likes, as long as they don’t get attached. She meets her match when she runs into Harper Beckmann, a ruggedly sexy venture capitalist who tells her no to casual sex, but yes to a relationship. Will they find the HEA each has been searching for? Click Here to view my Visual Story Board on Pinterest. You’ll see the inspirations for the characters and more.



I published my first LoveRotica Series titled “The WanderLynn Experience” in 2016. The first book, The Layover, was released October 4th, Book 2, Island Adventures, was released November 4th and the final chapter, Destination Home, was released December 4th.

My main characters, Connor Wyatt and Lynn Sutton are sure to make you want to fall head over heels in love. Click the book covers below to read a synopsis of each installment. Be sure to check out my Pinterest account for a visual introduction to the books and the people who inspired the characters.



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